Updating gsa advantage sip

04-Jan-2020 02:56

If in doubt please enter your data as a text file (Option 3) and DO NOT use the service information option.

If you use this option incorrectly, the file will be rejected by the GSA Contracting Officer reviewing your submission and the data will not be uploaded to GSA Advantage! PRICINGWe recommend you provide a table as an easy means to show the different labor categories and other awarded items/services as well as the respective pricing for each.

This option should only be used for services that can be ordered without developing a statement of work.

We envision VERY LIMITED use of this option because almost all services require the development of a statement of work.

The website for the event is click on the Exhibitor tab for more information. GSA recently added two new ‘green’ icons to GSAAdvantage!

Cloud Access for Federal Enterprise Collaborative Workshop On March 13th the GSA Cloud Access for Federal Enterprise (CAFE) team will be hosting a collaborative workshop with industry to enlist your help and diverse expertise as we set out to improve the way that government agencies identify, solicit, acquire, secure, and fund cloud computing services. that Schedule contractors can use to identify product environmental attributes.

This time, click onto the choice Send/Receive files.

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As a voice for industry, OPO ensures that concerns with programs and processes are directed to and addressed by the appropriate entities within GSA.We currently anticipate implementing this change in late Spring 2017, and will post another update when we have an exact date.